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Meet Louise Kunzi

Office Manager

I love to deliver great service to our clients and keep them happy throughout the process of the mortgage, getting the application through to completion as quickly and efficiently as I can.

Louise is a seasoned Office Manager, and has honed her skills in administrative management, team leadership, and operational efficiency. Louise’s strong organizational abilities, coupled with a keen attention to detail, enable her to manage multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining high standards of work. Louise has developed a comprehensive understanding of mortgage products, services, and regulatory requirements. Louise’s detail-oriented nature, combined with her strong analytical skills, allows her to meticulously manage all aspects of mortgage administration, from loan origination to closing.

Louise is adept at maintaining positive relationships with clients, providing them with timely updates and addressing their concerns promptly and professionally. She has a proven track record of successfully coordinating with mortgage brokers, underwriters, and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth and efficient loan process. Louise is known for her proactive approach and problem-solving mindset. Louise takes pride in her ability to foresee potential issues and address them before they become problems. This proactive approach extends to her commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on the latest office management trends and techniques.

In her spare time Louise loves to spend quality time with her family and 2 young children. Days out to zoos and swimming, as well as jetting off to hot sunny climates and making core memories with her children, are her favourite things to do.