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James McGregor smiling with his hands clasped together. James is wearing a smart blue tailored suit with a white shirt.

Meet James McGregor

Group Director

Throughout multifaceted dealings, I’m committed to making sure my clients emerge as winners over the everyday lenders every time.

Before Founding P10 Financial Group, James honed his skills in the financial world by working with high net worth clients at Barclays. James started his career journey as a cashier and diligently climbed the corporate ladder.

James noticed an opportunity to provide better and less limiting advice to clients that was currently being given in the banking world. It was this recognition of client needs that fuelled his belief that greater service could be offered to clients if he operated independently. This unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional financial guidance has shaped P10 Financial Group into what it is today.

James receives immense satisfaction from deal-making. His passion lies in successfully navigating intricate transactions, even in the most complex scenarios, James will skilfully negotiate terms that prioritise his clients’ best interests. Throughout multifaceted dealings, James will always remain dedicated to ensuring his clients emerge as winners over the everyday lenders.

On top of leading P10 Financial, James has a deep passion for fitness, with CrossFit serving as a primary motivator to kick start his day. Recognising the importance of physical and mental well-being in his life. Currently, James is pursuing a 90Kg snatch, showcasing his commitment to physical wellbeing.