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Dan is smiling, looking away from the camera. He's a tall, broad-shouldered man with a shaved head and a thick ginger beard. He's wearing a cream jacket and dark green polka-dotted handkerchief in the top pocket.

Meet Dan Hill

Protection Advisor

I take great pride in giving my clients top-tier protection advice. Especially when I have the opportunity to assist with specific needs or complex medical histories.

Dan’s journey into his current role began when he crossed paths with Fran and James just last year. Intrigued by the story of their business and inspired by their visionary approach to its future, Dan decided to come on board. It was evident that they sought a professional with a high level of expertise who also shared the core values that underpinned the business. An instant connection was forged, and now Dan is fully immersed in collaborating on ambitious plans.

With a career spanning over 12 years in financial services, Dan has honed his expertise, with the last 8 years dedicated to specialisation in protection distribution. Throughout this period, he has occupied various roles, ranging from providing direct client advice and managing sales teams to establishing and leading the learning and development function within a contact centre.

Dan takes great pride in ensuring his clients receive top-tier, comprehensive protection advice. His passion is most pronounced when he has the opportunity to assist individuals with specific needs or complex medical histories.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dan’s life is enriched by his family. In his precious moments of leisure, he embraces the outdoors, whether that involves tackling rugged trails on his mountain bike or embarking on hiking adventures.